I have been attending Adele's Zumba classes for about 18 months, and have found them to be....'the best'!! Adele is so professional, encouraging & is ALWAYS smiling.... she clearly enjoys the classes as much as we do!


The music choices are excellent giving a consistent variety of moderate and more challenging tracks.  The atmosphere is really friendly and I thoroughly enjoy every moment of the sessions, whilst giving me the opportunity to burn off a few hundred calories too!


I have also found Adele's classes to be suitable and inclusive for everyone, as my two daughters (aged 21 & 24) enjoy coming along too.


Thank you Adele for some 'really fun' evenings.

After losing a lot of weight in the last 6 months, I joined Adele's Zumba classes to tone up muscles and improve my general fitness. The class is fantastic, we work hard but it is also a lot of fun. Adele's class has a mix of music that really gets you going to the end of the class. Best thing I did, was to join Pembury Zumba; I wish I did it earlier.

I would do Adele's classes everyday if I could as it definitely puts a smile on my face!

When I first started Pembury Fitness I loved it so much and now I continue to go every week. I'd much rather go to Adele's class than one at a local gym, as it's much more relaxed, there is no pressure to dance at a certain level.  Everyone that goes just wants to get fit and have some fun.  It's a brilliant way to destress after a hard day.  My friends have noticed the results, the class has definitely helped me tone up and I have gained some friends along the way.